Somerset Summer Programme 2020

YCYW Somerset Cultural Centre (Knowle Hall) will launch two summer programmes this year: Knowle Hall Summer Camp and University Preparation Summer Programme.
1) University Preparation Summer Programme will be held from 29 June, 2020 to 20 July, 2020 and is exclusively offered to Yew Chung and Yew Wah Year 11 students and up, as well as Year 10 students who would like to undertake an academic challenge.
2) Knowle Hall Summer Camp will be held between 27 July, 2020 and 16 August, 2020 and is open to Yew Chung, Yew Wah, and external students aged 9-13.
Spots are limited. To learn more about our programmes, please contact Yew Wah School Office.
Click here to download the Programme Leaflet.

  • University Preparation Summer Programme


    The Summer Programme includes a series of visits to top Russell Group Universities in the South of England, including University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Bath etc. The Summer Programme will focus on broadening student’s social network, developing their leadership and teamwork skills, and familiarising themselves with the university application process. Students will participate in UCAS workshops to understand more about university selection and personal statement writing. Apart from academic courses, students can also join Gardening, Eco Tours, Cultural Tours etc.

  • Knowle Hall Summer Camp


    The Summer Camp is a great opportunity for students to immerse themselves into Western culture, engage in English language and improve their cross-cultural understanding. Students will participate in Knowle Hall programme and attend a local English summer camp, Laser Summer Camp. Through engaging in Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre Programme, Outposts and Space Day, students are able to learn about Gardening & Ecology, Sports, Health & Wellbeing etc. Students will also get a chance to watch sports tournaments as evening activities and visit Oxford Colleges as weekend activities.