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Yew Wah International Education Kindergarten & Yew Wah Infant & Toddler Education Centre

Yew Wah's international education for early childhood focuses on the sustainable growth of both the physical and spiritual aspects of children, bringing about their all-round development. By introducing learning objectives and methodologies that meet the demands of the new century, Yew Wah's Early Childhood Education lays a solid foundation for children to lead a healthy life, pursue life-long learning and enjoy sustainable development.

Yew Wah establishes its kindergartens in different Chinese cities, namely, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Rizhao and Qingdao. Drawing reference from sophisticated early childhood education theories and systems, the Kindergartens develop their own curriculum with an emphasis on whole person education. The curriculum covers five main areas to lay a solid foundation for the life-long learning of young children: to facilitate all-round development of children, to focus on learning qualities and habits, to cultivate an independent mind, and to promote awareness of environmental protection and international mindedness.

The Kindergartens offer a welcoming learning environment and put emphasis on the close interaction between teachers and schoolchildren and their parents to build an open, embracing, supportive and pleasurable environment for growth. The professional early childhood educators of Yew Wah are well equipped with knowledge of up-to-date educational theories and understanding of the needs of schoolchildren of different age groups. They inspire students with all kinds of learning activities and games which facilitate children to build up experience and knowledge and develop their capacities. The Kindergartens also offer stimulating English learning environment in which foreign teachers deliver classes and assist children in knowing more about the English language and Western cultures.