YCYW Launches ‘Building the New’ Forum!


Education for the city, is a seed that inspires individuals and inoculates thinking.

A city for education, is fertile soil that breeds space and a surge of revolution.

We believe a city and education have a shared future. YCYW Education strives to provide quality education for students, and wish that our efforts will seamlessly connect the city and its need, at the same time injecting new momentum.

With this vision, we will hold ‘Building the New’ transformation forums in prominent cities of China to bridge education and the wider community with a platform that connects the most professional and influential people in different sectors to share forward-thinking knowledge and insights with local decision makers, entrepreneurs, community workers, etc., to foster individual growth, industrial transformation and city development.

The first forum of ‘Building the New’ embarks at the famous city in the south of the Yangtze River – Tongxiang, Zhejiang. As the world’s largest textile and garment manufacturer and consumer nation, China plays a pivotal role in the progress and future of global fashion with the sustainable transformation of its textile and garment industries.

As the global business environment continues to weaken drastically, circular economy has also become the main route for the Chinese fashion industry to achieve high quality development. Tongxiang is one of the gateways of China’s industrial transformation. Once known as a city cradling traditional material and manufacturing businesses, Tongxiang is leading Zhejiang in industrial transformation and smart innovations, leveraging the development of the internet, innovation in technology, enhancement of manufacturing tools as well as diversification of local brands. This metamorphosis has enlisted young minds in the pursuit of new hope, and risk-taking new generations to venture into pioneering professions to lead our future.

The domestic fashion industry is constantly reshaping towards a sustainable direction. The peaks and troughs also habour opportunities. Numerous talented youngsters are attracted to pursue their dreams, while established and prescient practitioners and enterprises rise to dedicate efforts in propelling this new trend further.

In the morning of 8 May, we will convene a powerful think tank with seven fashion leaders and iconic personalities at YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang. Together with practitioners and academia, we will shed light on the changes in the market and discover trends in sustainable transformation.

YCYW ‘Building the New’ Series
Details on 1st Series

Sustainable Transformation in Fashion Industry

Saturday, 8 May 2021

10.00 – 12.15

YWIES Zhejiang Tongxiang

- Welcome Remarks
- Keynote Speeches
- Panel Discussion
- Q&A
- Closing Remarks

Topic 1
Rethinking and Exploration on the Industrialisation of Fashion and Design

Lu Pingyi

President and Founder, POP Fashion

With around 15 years of experience in the industry, Lu Pingyi is leading POP fashion to serve over 600,000 fashion companies and 106,000 designers, assisting in the innovation and transformation of the Chinese fashion industry and promoting Chinese fashion and design industry to the world.

Topic 2
Critical Design Differentiation
in the Next Decade

Zhang Zhe
Senior Fashion Consultant

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Zhang Zhe has deep insights and sharp acumen in the movement of the fashion industry. He is a Professor at EMBA co-organised by IFM, as well as the CEO of Shanghai Jinchen Fashion Consultant Co., Ltd and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Fashion & Art Business Academy (FABA) Shanghai. Mr Zhang is extremely experienced in brand consultation and industrial research.

Guest Speakers at Panel Discussion

Wu Xuekai
Golden Top Award Designer

Tina Ting
Marketing Director, ALLBIRDS

David Leung
Director of Fashion Design, YWIES
Designer of multiple international brands including Gianni Versace

Yvette Ye

Dong Zhefeng
Founder, MILALIO

Discussion Highlights
- How to unravel and tackle the major challenges of transformation and the new idea of sustainability?
- How to capitalise on the rise of “Guochao” (China nationalism) and hot topics like live streaming
- e-commerce?What talent does the fashion industry need? How to nurture?

(with English interpretation)

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