Yew Wah International Education School – “85 Years of Yew Wah” Interactive Exhibition and Information Session Comes to a Successful Conclusion

Parents learned about Yew Wah history and milestones through various innovative and digital panels during the exhibition

The “85 Years of Yew Wah Interactive Exhibition and Information Session” has successfully concluded. The exhibition, dwelled on the theme, “Heritage and Innovation: 80 Years of Quality Education”, took place in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai on November 18, November 25, November 26 and December 2 respectively. These events received huge attention from the parents, attracted thousands of participants, and got widespread coverage by the media.

At the exhibition, parents travelled along the 10-metre long time tunnel experiencing the glamour and history of Yew Wah’s 80 years of education. Many of the interactive areas which allowed parents and children to understand the unique teaching philosophies and features that differentiate Yew Wah International Education Schools (YWIES) from others were very popular. The attendees came to know  teaching programmes of Yew Wah are designed to encourage students to explore and stimulate their creativity, and through interesting and facilitating teaching environment, the school nurtures exploratory and learning spirit in students.

There were five interactive areas:
-    Yew Wah Interactive Projection Wall of Campus Development: When parents passed by the Projection Wall, each milestone of the 85 years of Yew Wah International Education Foundation was projected onto the wall.
-    Interactive Panel Showcase of Yew Wah Pioneering and Innovative Quality Education: Through text, photos and videos shown on the touch screen, parents experienced the sustainable and innovative quality education of Yew Wah.
-    Learning Community Tour: A Yew Wah teacher led the way and explained, in a 360° all-round video, the brand new learning experience brought by the 21st century campus approach.
-    VR 360° Online Campus Virtual Tour: The technology of virtual reality allowed parents to experience the campus environment as if they are on campus themselves.
-    “Try the international costumes on, appreciate cultures around the world” Interactive Photo Booth: Parents took a picture of themselves virtually wearing a costume of the gender and nationality they have chosen; it was children’s most popular area.

Parents attended the information session getting to know about Yew Wah’s education philosophies and meeting our academic leaders.

Another highlight of this exhibition was the information session. Each session was full with very active participation. The video of “85 Years of Yew Wah in 85 Seconds” showcased the development of Yew Wah. “Yew Wah Classroom in Somerset, UK” video uncovered this unique language and life education programme at the UK campus in which the English environment enhances students’ independence and problem solving skills, and nurtures their leadership and teamwork, thereby fostering the cross-cultural learning experience.

Dr Troy Lui, Chief Education Officer of Hong Kong Yew Wah International Education Foundation, said, “Yew Wah International Education Schools and Yew Chung International Schools are based on more than 80 years of experience in education, and are dedicated to building a friendly and loving learning environment. Apart from that, character education is a key aspect of our Yew Wah curriculum. We hope to nurture a kind character in our students. Yew Wah advocates the concept of a student-centred and open learning community, which equips students with essential abilities of a 21st century leader, and fosters their communication, collaboration, problem solving skills and lifelong learning.” Yew Wah’s academic leaders also attended and introduced Yew Wah’s teaching philosophies, history, programme setting, campus environment, teaching staff and admissions process. They also answered some of the most frequently asked questions from the parents. YWIES is committed to providing the best learning and life experiences for students.

YWIES integrates the essence of Eastern and Western education philosophies in all levels. The Chinese National Curriculum of Primary and Secondary Education is integrated with the overseas high quality educational resources. Yew Wah’s professional foreign teachers and international teaching materials, based on Yew Wah’s educational philosophies, have created an authentic international atmosphere and learning environment in mainland China through many years of continuous innovation. YWIES believes in the function of education in enhancing human qualities in an all-round way, instead of mere transmission of knowledge and skills. YWIES has committed to nurturing students’ ability to face the global issues and challenges of the 21st century. The unique curriculum has received widespread approval. In the future, the foundation will open more Yew Wah schools in China and through the development of the International Education Park, an integrated campus and community, bring international education to your home.

In order for parents to experience our education, YWIES welcomes all the parents to join our school visits, activities or parents meetings. For more details, please visit the website and follow WeChat of each campus.

Presentation about Yew Wah’s 85 Years of innovative education

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